Registration and APE Applications



Please see below for a description of each application for registration. 


Please note, once an application has commenced it must be completed in one sitting or a new application with a new username will need to be completed when you return.


For changes in registration or to revoke a suspension, please contact us at




Architect Practising: This is for initial registrants applying to become practising architects with the ARBV. Before beginnign the application, please ensure you have the following documents in PDF format are ready to upload: 

  - PI insurance certificate of currency document 


NOTE: APE candidates cannot apply for initial registration as an architect until they have received final notification that they have passed the APE process.


Mutual Recognition: For architects currently registered either in another Australian State or Territory or in New Zealand. Overseas qualified architects should apply under Architect Practising.


To confirm which pathway is best for you, please visit our website or contact the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA).


Company: For companies that provide architectural services. Please note, any company with an ACN that provides architectural services must be registered with the ARBV and there must be at least one registered architect on the Board of Directors.


Before commencing the application form, please ensure the following documents ready to upload:

- Constitution or letter stating that one of the purposes of the company is the practice of architecture 

  - PI insurance certificate of currency

  - Director Declaration Form (available here)

  - Director Information Form (available here).


Partnership: This option is for partnerships that provide architectural services. Before commencing the application, please ensure you have the following documents ready to upload: 

  - PI insurance certificate of currency 

  - Partner Declaration Form (available here

  - Partner Information Form (available here)


Applications take between 4-6 weeks to be processed.

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